Wolfpack cosplay by *kimberlystudio


J’avo, Resident Evil 6

Model: Toten2


Jack Krauser by ~John-MacGyver


jessica sherawat cosplay by ~aoi-takamura



Claire Redfield : Now and then.


HopeHavoc as Degeneration Claire

Sheenah as Code:Veronica (Darkside Chronicles) Claire


Otakon 2011


My Steve Burnside cosplay.

Otakon 2012.


(◕‿◕✿Another ClaireXSteve shot from Otakon 2012! It’s a shame the camera quality was so bad…but what can you do. We decided to share these cutesy photos anyway because we’re huge Cleve fans and it would be a shame for the shoot to be a complete waste!


Hijack my heart

Now you really got a hold on me

You hijacked my heart

Don’t you know you won’t let me be

Stole my heart

-Hijack my Heart, Queen


You probably noticed how I didn’t post a lot of Claire/Steve pictures from last year. Most of the pictures didn’t turn good since we were using my camera, which is far from being professional-grade. We did have a few cute pictures that I wanted to work a bit on, like this one 

Getting down to business, are they?

And yes, I got to kiss the gorgeous HopeHavoc  (u jelly, eh?? XD)

We’ll probably do another shoot this year with the help of a real photographer 


Claire Redfield ~ HopeHavoc

Steve Burnside ~ Sheenah (me)



Rebecca Chambers cosplay, from Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3D - Lolita Nurse. Photos by Antonella Mainini. Buenos Aires, Argentina.